Floor Coating Removal

Safe Floor Coating Removal with No Damage to Existing Floors

At Lexington Concrete Floor Pros, we offer floor coating removal services that help you get rid of old, worn and damaged epoxy floorings and other coatings. With our removal services, you are able to make room for new and improved floor coatings. We make use of useful grinding tools to help remove the surface without actually damaging the concrete that is below.

Place your trust in our floor removal solutions today, and we guarantee that your floor will gain back its lost glory. We not only help you take out the old, but we also help with the installation and replacement of new ones.

The floor coating removal services we offer are specially engineered to take out the top surface of your concrete floor. The sub layer is left untouched and undamaged. Our grinding methods are tested and trusted!

The grinding tools we make use of will leave the top layer smooth and ready for a new coating. We also make use of industrial practices that are safe to ensure no further damage is caused to the floors. We do not want to compound old problems, and that is why we always exercise caution in our work.

If you also require repair services for your damaged floors, our team of experts can handle it. We do not only offer coating removal services but also polishing, staining and coating installations. To learn more about our service options give us a call today!

Coating Removal May Not Be Necessary with Our Flooring Installation Services

You might think you need floor coating removal services but in some cases that might not be so. The only way to find out if you need coating removal to restore the look of your floor is by contacting us at Lexington Concrete Floor Pros. We are familiar with the best methods of concrete restoration.

Instead of going through the process of removing old coatings, new ones can be applied over the existing ones. Do not make the quick decision to invest in floor coating removal without consulting with the experts. If an alternative exists that is time efficient and less costly, we will let you know.

The satisfaction of our client is a top priority. We do not consider a job completed until the client says they are pleased with the service we rendered. As long as you are satisfied, then we believe our job well done. Call us today for a free quote to see if floor coating removal is right for you.

Coating Removal Alternatives for Concrete Flooring

Is there a better alternative out there than floor coating removal? You will never know unless you get professional advice from us. Other types of floor coatings are better than your existing ones. These floor coatings range from metallic epoxy to terrazzo epoxy.

Give us a call today to find out which option is best for you. You can also fill our online request form to get in touch.

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