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Concrete Contractor in Lexington

Lexington Concrete Floor Pro is a premier concrete contractor firm. We offer concrete polishing, staining, coating, removal and resurfacing services to commercial, industrial and residential property owners.

Our specialized concrete solutions help you improve the look of your floor surface. We help with all your concrete removal and concrete preparation needs. Our services include installation, repairs, and replacements.

We offer consultation services to clients seeking a suitable solution for their concrete problem. The first consultation service is free. During the initial consultation, we listen to the problem you have and tell you the options available for resolving them.

After consultation, if you decide to make use of our services, then we offer an initial estimate of the costs. We will go over the specifications and details of the project with you and think of the best plan to implement it. Once you approve the estimate, our crew of professionals will go about preparing the site for any work we have planned.

We offer timely services. Once a projected date gets decided upon, we waste no time in carrying it out to your requirements. Time is money, and we understand the need for your daily life not to be interrupted.

At Lexington Concrete Floor Pros, we treat every job with the utmost care it deserves. We are well known for the close attention we pay even to the smallest of details. Our estimates and designs can be customized to fit any individual situation.

Always remember that the quality of the installation of your concrete depends on the service provider you hire to carry it out. At Lexington Concrete Floor Pro, through our years of experience in the business, we have always strived for perfection in project delivery. Our clients never complain about the quality of our services.

Why Choose Us?

  • No Intermediaries: When it comes to offering services to our clients, we deal with them one on one. There are no intermediaries or middlemen. Our clients hire us, and our crew members carry out the installations. We do not sub-contract our work.
  • We are deadline conscious: One thing we take pride in when it comes to our service offerings is the fact that we keep to deadlines. We do not go beyond the stated timeline for a project. If we tell you that your job will be completed within 24 hours, then you can be sure it will be ready.
  • We are insured and licensed: We take our business seriously, and that is why we have the necessary licenses for carrying our staining, polishing and removal operations. Our tools, equipment, and services are also fully insured so there is no need to worry about damage to your property.
  • We utilize state-of-the-art equipment: in a bid to serve our customers better, we make use of the latest tools in the business to carry out our jobs. Our technicians also receive training on how to use these tools.
  • We serve residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Why are you still undecided? Give us a call today!

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